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  In the north-western part of the country lies this land of dense vegetation and profound historic wealth. It was here that Portugal's first king, Dom Afonso Henriques, was born in the beginning of the 12th century, having then extended the kingdom to the south, in what was considered as one of the most heroic feats of the Christian Reconquest.
The inheritance of a distant past is seen everywhere.

Northern Portugal takes in some of Portugal's oldest and wildest regions - the Douro, famous for its Port wines, Minho and Trás os Montes. The Minho, in fact, lays claim to being the oldest region in Portugal, and one of its most beautiful, blessed as it is with with river valleys, green hills, trailing vines and a rugged coastline. The life style here is deeply rooted in ancient traditions and everyday activity is taken at a rather slow pace. 

Let us spoil you with gastronomic and adventurous experiences!

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Jeep Safari &  BBQ


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Swimming with Dolphins


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The best of Lisbon


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Casa das Laranjeiras


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