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  This region is made up of two contrasting areas. The extensive beaches and fishing villages which lie along the coast and the interior where mountains and plateaus dominate the landscape.

‘Beiras’ is the traditional name of a region running south of Douro river and north of Tagus river. The region is one of deep contrasts: the Atlantic coastline, where a temperate climate, white sandy beaches and the Atlantic pine forests are typical, and the interior where more forbidding mountains and rocks set the tone.

In the heart of this hinterland rises the Serra da Estrela (Estrela Mountain Range), the highest in continental Portugal. This is where the Mondego river rises, later running down to the city of Coimbra. Here, the river that over the centuries has had so many odes composed to it by generations of university students, flows out into the Atlantic ocean by the lengthy Figueira da Foz beach.

Amongst the spacious horizons of this inland region are historic towns and villages, many of them are guarded by castles built by the early kings of Portugal for the kingdom’s defense.

Come and enjoy the center of Portugal.

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